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The vision of the Help, Care, Give Foundation is to create an avenue whereby celebrities desiring to give back are provided structured charitable support to their individual causes of personal significance. HCGF serves as the infrastructure providing resource management and direction to enable and empower fulfillment of philanthropic endeavors through event production, program development and social enterprise brand management. Founded by former music executive, Henry Butler, his wife casting director Leah Daniels-Butler along with their five children, the HCGF creates dynamic platforms for boutique brands’ and charitable deeds by celebrities, bringing curated enrichment programs to educate and enlighten and much-needed initiatives to inspire and ignite improvement in cities across the country.


In as much as The Butler family has maintained stellar benevolent devotion to giving back to their community, they have championed a plethora of worthy causes over the last 20 years. Altruistic endeavors on behalf these charities gave way to revelation with regards to the extensive need for services to an ever increasing demographic of the underserved and the overlooked within our communities. This revelation nurtured and birth the vision that is the Help, Care, Give Foundation. Through their own charitable foundation, the Butler family is now equipped and empowered to expand their benevolence by channeling their gifts that encompass the tangible as well as the intangible ranging from financial contributions to physical efforts as well emotional edification. The creation of this foundation facilitates the family's capacity to provide particular focus and attention to those missions that are truly near and dear to their hearts.


Based in Los Angeles, Help, Care, Give Foundation not only creates amazing platforms for boutique brands’ and charitable deeds by celebrities, we also bring curated enrichment programs and much-needed initiatives to cities across the country; including offering assistance with tutoring, counseling, and homelessness prevention/eradication. Our efforts also encompass seeking to give hope to those who have experienced the negative effects of natural disasters. And, with successful events like Celebrity Rock and our Homeless But

Human Campaign, Help, Care, Give Foundation is quickly emerging as a vital player in the world of philanthropy.


The Butlers are doing their part to make the world we live in one we can all be proud of as well. In terms of assisting others, Help, Care, Give Foundation is just one of many extensions this influential family is using to educate and enlighten, ai addition to inspire and ignite improvement in the lives countless individual through encouragement and empowerment.

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